Christopher Real Estate

About Christopher Real Estate

Christopher Real Estate is a real estate agent, focused on defining what a livable community around Richmond and Vancouver means to individuals. Christopher Real Estate reached out to Grow with Search to create a fully responsive website to gain the attention of prospective buyers and sellers of properties around Richmond and Vancouver, BC.

Solutions Delivered

The Challenges

As the real estate market is constantly changing, along with their marketing strategies, Christopher Real Estate asked for a fully customizable website build that would provide help with any real estate needs as well as stand out from the competitors. Together, our primary objective was to create a fully customizable website based on the client’s needs and strategy.

The Strategy

Grow with Search developed the website in such a way that offers its visitors featured listings of properties for sale as well as a feature to search for properties to buy or for sale all within a refined , user-friendly, and brand-aligned design.


Conversion-focused website.

Complete search engine optimization.

High volume Facebook leads.

Best-in-class IDX integration.

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