Genuine Tracking Solutions

About Genuine Tracking Solutions

Genuine Tracking Solutions Inc. (GTS) is a family-owned Canadian GPS provider specializing in tailored end-to-end fleet management solutions. We redesigned and developed a new website to ensure that our client gets a steady flow of leads, while putting their products on display for potential buyers.

Solutions Delivered

The Challenges

Our team didn’t know too much about this market, so we had to get more information from our client to get a better understanding. After a few discussions, we were able to figure out how the content would be displayed in a modern way. Throughout the process, there were many content updates, which was very useful to produce a clean end result.

The Strategy

Since we already had an existing website to work with, we extracted the modern elements and added it to a wireframe/mockup for the new website. Our team worked closely with GTS to ensure that the new website is filled with informational content, while providing a good user experience. 


High converting website development.

1st page organic rankings.

High converting ad campaigns.

1,000+ visitors per month.

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