Resident Care

About Resident Care

Resident Care Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy that works exclusively with community-based organizations to overcome daily challenges surrounding medication management and quality assurance measures. Resident Care Pharmacy is one of the 8 brands under the Silver Suite – a platform of programs and services available to help navigate the health care landscape. Silver Suite of Services include: Medical Supplies and Equipment, Online & Mail Order Pharmacy and Specialty Compounding, and more.

Solutions Delivered

The Challenges

Advertisement in the pharmacy and medical industry is highly regulated and limited. Therefore, the use of language in the ad copy and social media messages needed to be extremely precise to properly address the targeted niche market that Resident Care pharmacy served. While facing a variety of highly sensitive community-based organizations, they could not afford any off branding promotional materials as it would hurt its brand image by appearing unprofessional. Resident Care also needed a complete new website built from scratch.

The Strategy

The strategy included building a modern, SEO friendly website with 10+ utilizing the most updated wordpress themes and design to layout who they are, what services they provide, the display of their full catalog of home healthcare products & medical supplies, and other conversion-driven key pages. It is also highly important to create professional, educational, and branding-driven social media profiles across all major platforms, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. After the website and social media profiles are actively contributing to a growing audience and creating effective brand awareness, paid ads would then start to play a role. Focusing on LinkedIn paid campaigns would be essential to convert traffic into customers because this is where their targeted audience is most likely to be active.


Consistent branding from website to social channels.

1st page organic rankings.

Industry certified ad campaigns.

Steady flow of organic traffic.

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